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Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Essential oils are all about natural health and wellbeing. Users say they feel the benefit of being more energised and alert throughout the day, but there are also medicinal benefits. These natural essential oils are affordable, easy to find and simple to use all while avoiding the nasty side effects of some medication.

Essential oils are now being linked to help hair growth, with specific ingredients being used in oils and blends by specialists. For men losing our hair is extremely common, statistics say that over 70% of males are beginning to lose hair before the age of 35. While not as extreme for women we still see that over 50% of women aged over 65 will experience hair loss.

Hair loss impacts our self esteem and confidence as it dramatically changes how we look and how we’re perceived. Essential oils are now offering a solution to this problem and it’s no wonder how well it’s being received.

Essential Oils for Hair Loss

There isn’t usually just one cause for hair loss, in fact it’s often a combination of a few factors. Genetics has a big impact and unfortunately if your parents experience dramatic early hair loss then it’s likely you will too. Your diet and lifestyle play a part as people who are generally healthier and have a more balanced diet will keep a fuller head of hair. As we get older we see the results of how we’ve treated our body more prominently.

Life is becoming more stressful for pretty much everyone. Work is tough and maintaining a work life balance is even more difficult. Stress or other mental issues can contribute to hair loss. Other issues like hormonal imbalances and specific medical issues can cause your hair to thin or even complete baldness.

There are treatments available for those who can afford the large costs involved. These range from chemical treatments to full hair transplants. Each comes with their risks and can have some pretty bad side effects for unlucky individuals. There are also few guarantees of effectiveness.

Essential oils work in a much more natural way. They use ingredients sourced from plants and are non invasive, in fact most essential oils are inhaled. The correct essential oils can promote healthier hair, thicken existing hair and stimulate regrowth.

This means effectively an affordable home treatment for thinning hair or baldness.

The Right Essential Oil for Hair Growth

It’s crucial to find the right essential oil for the problem you’re facing and there are a lot out there. The sudden rise in popularity of essential oils has led to a bloating of the market and it means you’ll have to search for the best essential oils for hair growth.
Rosemary oilIf you’re looking to create the best essential oil blend then you need to find the right ingredients. We’ve identified the key essential oils to look for:

● Rosemary Oil

Rosemary has been used in healing practices for centuries and was one of the earliest medicines. It’s a very popular essential oil which is known for it’s soothing properties. When applied to the scalp it’s been shown to stimulate growth and reverse the balding process. By helping increase the metabolic rate in skin cells you can see a thicker more natural head of hair by using Rosemary oil.

● Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil is often used to treat severe skin conditions but it’s also known to promote better health generally. By increasing blood flow it allows skin cells the ability to regrow and your hair to thicken. This means more hair, less thinning and an all round healthier scalp.

Both of these ingredients are well known and effective and they’re certainly ones to look out for as you search.

If you’re serious about stopping your hair loss then essential oils are the way to go. Find everything you need to know about using essential oils for hair loss here:

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